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Destination Maternity

March 08, 2017  •  5 Comments

I spent this past weekend visiting my in-laws in Florida. Since we all live in different states, it was so nice to get together as a family to relax, catch up and eat! I had my fair share of seafood while we were there and we also got some much needed beach time. The beach was dog-friendly of course, so Ali and Rex could come along too :)

While I was there I had the opportunity to take maternity photos of my sister-in-law, Maddie. She just might be the cutest mama to be I've ever seen! We took the photos on my mother and father-in-law's property, which is situated right on the water, and they featured Walter the golden retriever. Maddie and her husband, Jeff live in Colorado so this was a departure from the mountain scenery they're used to. We are calling it the destination maternity shoot haha.

I can't stress enough how excited Tyler and I are to meet our niece this summer! As you can see, this little girl will have some amazing genes!


Maddie Baldwin(non-registered)
Such a great day!! Thank you so much for capturing these amazing photos. You are the best, and I know we will cherish these photos forever!
Judith Soule(non-registered)
These photos are so gorgeous!
Patty Kelly(non-registered)
Awesome pics. Thanks so much for sharing them.
Ellen Motolo(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures:) I'm so excited for you
Oh Francesca they are beautiful! Of course Maddie looks fantastic love them!
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